Safeguarding your network from potential security threats with round-the-clock security monitoring.

Protection of your business resources is vital. SimbaNET provides network security solutions that enable you to prevent, detect and respond quickly to threats. We also offer round the clock security monitoring using responsive analytic tools that help safeguard your network from potential security threats.

Our network security solutions

  • Threat Management: Our security personnel detect and respond to any threats that your network may be exposed to. They also analyze the situation and advise accordingly to ensure that you are able to  take the appropriate measures to prevent it.
  • Firewall security: Our security solutions prevent malicious persons  from accessing your network and accessing critical data.
  • Web security: Many companies require the internet to proceed with daily business. Our  solutions protect you from hazards that can access your company systems via the internet.
  • Email security: As email is the major form of communication in many companies, it is key that the network through which the emails are sent is highly secure. SimbaNET’s security solution screens all incoming and outgoing emails to ensure they are devoid of any threats.
  • Security Consulting: Our network security personnel are always available to advise on network security issues  that should be taken to protect your company network