May 27 2016

SimbaNET Redefines Internet Connectivity Solutions to Businesses

SimbaSKY addresses the difficulties consumers are facing in terms of accessing connectivity by providing SimbaSKY, which is available in any location due to its unlimited coverage giving the company a regional, competitive edge.
Tuesday 3rd, 2015, Nairobi, Kenya: SimbaNET, a leading ICT solutions provider has re-launched SimbaSKY, an SME-based product, as it seeks to diversify its business.

According to the firm’s Chief Operating Officer, Tony Wood, the firm has re-introduced SimbaSKY products to tap into the rapidly expanding Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) market in Kenya by offering more secure connectivity solutions for the customers.

“‘SimbaSKY”, he added, “will address the difficulties consumers in rural and semi-urban areas are facing when it comes to accessibility of internet and this is because the service has unlimited coverage across East Africa and beyond, which means that businesses and homes in any of those geographical locations will now get the much needed reliable and stable connectivity. Furthermore, SimbaSKY has various packages designed to meet the varied requirements and budgets of our customers.”
The product which relies on VSAT/Satellite technology, KA-Band, has a variety of business and home packages available to meet the customers’ requirements. These packages vary in terms of overall capacity allocated, download and upload speeds required and can also provide an unlimited capacity option should it so fit the client. Each package has an affordable fixed price which is billed monthly.

By connecting businesses that are in remote areas from multiple sectors such as agriculture, education, oil & energy, power, mining and many more, SimbaNET supports the economy of the country by making business operations easier for those remotely located. SimbaNET has realized that internet is crucial to the rural supply chain, e.g. fresh produce from a farm needs to get to the airport in time for its flight and any delays in terms of air transportation would lead to a waste of the consignment and even perishing of produce.

Whilst SimbaNET, through SimbaSKY, supports businesses in locations where terrestrial infrastructure is unavailable, it also offers SimbaSKY as an alternative link to those in urban areas because of its affordability and high levels of uptime. SimbaSKY allows flexible working as it lets people work from home and therefore support their business activities.

Anil Hassan, Head of SME Sales stated, “We are delighted with the SimbaSKY service as it is one of our fastest-growing products. SimbaSKY provides internet connectivity and other value added services such as Voice, domain registration and hosting so as to fully meet the unique needs of the regional SME. Our goal is to provide maximum quality while reducing the overall operational costs for our clients.’

‘It is estimated that today, Kenya’s informal sector constitutes 98 percent of all businesses in the country employment growth rate of 12-14 percent, contributes 30 percent of total employment and 3 percent of GDP’. SimbaNET, via SimbaSKY, looks forward to support the growth in this crucial sector as the economy expands.

SimbaNET Limited is a Regional Licensed Public Data Operator with national and international application licenses specialized in providing voice, video, high speed data and Internet connectivity. It owns an extensive network comprising of submarine and terrestrial optic fiber, the latest broadband WiMAX 4G wireless media, proven satellite and mobile solutions, connecting regional and international destinations. For more remote connectivity requirements, the solutions that can be deployed include proven VSAT Solutions, with full system integration using routers etc. Aside from offering data, internet, voice, video, SimbaNET also powers enterprises with other services such as, data center, cyber security, cloud and hosting services, managed services and many more, regardless of their size and geographical location.

SimbaNET’s core focus is to deliver very high uptime-based managed services, with strict compliance to Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We ensure our customers 99.7% uptime and are able to provide 24/7 customer and technical support.
SimbaNET Limited provides telecommunication services in mission critical areas, and serves some of the region’s biggest and most respected organizations. Its client list includes some of the largest banks in the region, renowned chains of hotels, education institutions, ISP’s and several Government Ministries and agencies. Our state of the art Network Operating Centre (NOC) with redundant back-up centers which is managed by a team of highly skilled, motivated and experienced personnel enable SimbaNET to offer turnkey solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations with cutting edge technology.

In short, our purpose is to redefine connectivity in the corporate landscape which in turn enables our customers to redefine the services they provide to their own customers

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