This solution is designed for homes and small businesses and is the best bet to great speeds as you go about your daily chores working from home or accessing online services via your mobile devices. SimbaSKY is powered by the highly reliable satellite broadband based solution which you can now access across East Africa where SimbaNET has 100% coverage.

Connecting You ANYWHERE, ANYTIME In East Africa

Service Options Offered

SimbaSKY Home: This solution is made specifically for consumers and small businesses

SimbaSKY Business: This is a premium service made for large businesses and enterprises.

The benefits of the two systems are summarized in the table below.

General Features

High Performance connectivity with high-download speeds

Multiple Functions on a single platform: Can support many functions including voice, data and video without any service degradation

Quality of Service: You can expect the highest QoS guaranteed by our trusted Service Level Agreement (SLA) detailing SLA levels as well as Mean Time To Repair

24X7 support help desk manned by experienced engineers

24X7 network monitoring and fault detection

State of the art network components from leading vendors

Affordable terminal and service pricing

Quick installation and activation

Advanced coding/modulation enabling dynamic rain-fade mitigation

High performance reliable VSAT Satellite network using in Ka-Band Satellite technology

Infrastructure independent solution for upstream and downstream operations