Value added services designed to support your day to day operations and keep you ahead of the market.


Is our Carrier Grade VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that operates by using our high speed Internet connection. Our phone-based and computer-based VoIP services allow you to make phone calls using your regular phone or computer. You can also stay connected to your voice network wherever you are through various smart phone applications.

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This is a service whose goal is to reduce your telephony costs while providing high quality voice services. Calls placed through your PBX will be processed and delivered to the final destinations via our switch. SimbaTRUNK is accessible through any ISP

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SimbaNET introduced SimbaCONFERENCING which allows you to have real time discussions with each of your stakeholders in order to make instant decisions. Project meetings, sales meetings, client meetings, product development meetings, board meetings, and many more are no longer a hassle with this revolutionary technology! SimbaNET can install and integrate a video conferencing system that is user friendly and reliable which offers clear image and high voice quality to make you forget that you are miles apart.

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Simba Wingu

SimbaSKY services are high speed, cost effective reliable and with wide regional coverage satellite broadband services. SimbaSKY is a triple-play, business-focused product package customized for SMEs and delivered over our state of the art, high quality and far-reaching satellite broadband services.

Our coverage area encompasses all the corners of East Africa, delivered over the Ka band satellite technology. This product provides connectivity, especially in remote areas where terrestrial infrastructure has not been developed yet. We use the latest satellite technology to deliver our services, right into your office with guaranteed QoS, 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support.

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