The SimbaNET WiMAX technology has been developed specifically for companies in areas where the Fiber network has not yet been laid out. WiMAX is a wireless- DSL that gives you great internet speeds and reliability without having to depend on a wired network.

SimbaNET maintains several WiMAX base stations across East Africa guaranteeing you reliable high-speed internet wherever you may be. In Kenya, we have several base stations in different parts of Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret, Nakuru, and Nyeri which enable us to comfortably connect businesses in areas where fiber infrastructure has not been laid out. The SimbaNET WiMAX Broadband platform operates on licensed frequencies, thus eliminating the possibility of downtime.

To ensure that our clients have the best high-speed internet connectivity at all times, our base stations are always supplied with redundant power supplies, power back-up facilities, additional spare cables, and equipment. This facilitates resolution of any faults on the wireless network in the least amount of time possible ensuring the efficiency of our wireless network.

We support high throughput to each customer and low latency to the core network and Internet backbone allowing your applications to operate at optimum levels. You can expect the highest QoS provided over this technology.

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